Partnerships for New Medicines

Committed to making innovative therapeutic ideas accessible to patients – driven by patient need, independent of commercial potential.

Who we are

ReMedys is a not-for-profit entity, founded in 2013 by biopharmaceutical industry professionals, to drive a novel, collaborative approach for translational research and development. ReMedys was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Dr. Kostas Kaloulis, Dr. Dawn Toronto, Dr. Elmar von Baur, Dr. Michel Dreano, Dr. Bernhard Schneider and Me. Teresa Giovannini.


Become the preferred partner to bridge the gap between research and industrial partnering to give a fair chance to novel therapeutic options for patients in need.


Our vision is to ensure that promising therapeutic ideas, independent of their commercial potential, become available to patients.


Our focus lies in innovative therapeutic approaches for patients with severe disease without effective treatment.
In partnership with academic research and industry experts we strive the best possible transition from research to clinical proof-of-concept.

Current programs



How we work 

Nurturing partnerships to advance new therapies in a project dedicated approach. 

Ways to help

ReMedys is constantly looking for interesting projects, collaborations, and experts willing to help!